Gratitude Course Online

This online course might be something that opens your heart to the importance of gratitude in your life.   The introduction and welcoming is very brief and then there are four weeks of content but you can choose to progress at whatever rate is comfortable to you or even to skip around .  It uses videos, music, poetry and even some homework (but you don’t have any homework to hand in).  The course can be done at your own pace but, once you start it,  I encourage you to stay at it with a little something each day so that you get the discipline and commitment necessary for developing an attitude of gratitude.  May it be something that is beneficial to you.  To open each lesson click on the title of the lesson or the picture that goes with the lesson.  This online course is offered for free, but if, at the end of the course, you feel it has been beneficial and you are financially able, I would invite you to make a donation of any size to the Franciscan Spiritual Center supporting our ministry either by clicking the word  Donation to donate online or by sending a donation to the Franciscan Spiritual Center, 609 S. Convent Rd, Aston, PA 19014 via the U.S. mail.

Online Gratitude Course: An Overview and a Welcome

Week 1 — Gratitude as the Memory of the Heart

Week 2 – Gratitude as a Form of Prayer

Week 3: Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

Week 4: Some Research on Gratitude and Why We Should Care

May you be filled with gratitude each day as you open your heart to all that comes before you and within you!  God bless you!


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