Helpful Links

Helpful links for those in the wisdom years:

Dr. Richard Johnson has been a speaker at the Franciscan Spiritual Center.  He is known nationally for his Ageless in the Lord programs, his books, on-line courses and the spiritual assessment tools he uses to understand why some individuals are so flexible and positive and others are not.  Dr. Richard Johnson

University of Alabama website

Web MD

University of MissouriKansas City

Has a whole section with multiple pages on Seniors and Spirituality.

Great research, stories and strategies for living with a deepened spirituality

National Council on Aging

Has great information and a search engine at the top of the page.  You can search for almost any topic on their site.  I put in Spirituality and the articles were very enriching.

American Society on Aging

Very broad topics but very rich in many ways.  It also has a great search engine at the top of the page (click the word SEARCH and then a space is visible for you to put in a word) that you can use for searching on almost anything.  They have pre-recorded video seminars but, unfortunately, you have to join as a member to view them and the fee seems rather hefty for me.

This is also a rich site but it also is a paid site.  The associate fee is very reasonable $20/year.  Most of the content on it is based on the book Age-ing to Sage=ing:  A Profound New Vision of Growing Old.  The book is by Zalman Schacter-Shalomi and Ron Miller.



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