Letter From Our Director

Twenty years ago, four sisters opened the Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston, PA.  with “the belief in and commitment to being a welcoming presence“  as the sisters had done before them in the San Damiano Center for thirteen years.  Their prayer “was to be instruments in the lives of others in providing places of welcome and opportunities for participants to experience God”.   Today the Franciscan Spiritual Center, continuing in the spirit of the founding sisters, serves on average 6,000 people annually for sponsored and hosted Programs focused on deepening an individual’s spirituality.  Each year, we look to ways to further our commitment to all who come.  Twenty years brings many changes and challenges.  As we see ourselves with both an older population with hearing and sight issues as well as a more interactive style of presenting and interacting with a group, it is becoming apparent that our Audio-Visual equipment is in need of an upgrade.  With your support and donations we will meet this challenge.

  • An upgrade of the sound system: Our sound system is more than 25 years old and does not provide the portability and flexibility required for group participation and presentations to large audiences.
    1. To enhance portability and participation
    2. To free presenters to walk among participants during presentations.
  • An upgrade to a ceiling mounted projector with a more intense light: Our LCD projector is a safety hazard and projection is dull on bright days necessitating the lowering all shades.
    1. To removes the safety hazard of falls as a result of cords going from a cart to an outlet
    2. To have a brighter luminosity so Video and Powerpoints are visible without a glare even on a very bright day.
    3. To accommodate presenters with more varied cable ports to connect to the LCD with little difficult.

Rooted in the Gospel...We welcome all as sister and brother.