Off -Site

Off-Site Programming

Our staff are often asked to go off campus to give programs in various locations such as a parish, a school, a retreat center, and many areas. The Franciscan Spiritual Center offers the opportunity for its staff to come to your location to meet the spiritual and formative needs of your group. Topics vary according to the need of the group

How do I arrange for it?

You can contact our hospitality coordinator, Sr. Helen Budzik, at 1-610-558-7674, to explain your need and she can arrange for a staff member to get back to you. You can also contact an individual staff member who you believe would be able to provide what you need.

You can either suggest a topic or theme and ask a staff member to meet that need or you can simply say that you want someone to give a retreat to a particular group (e.g. I want a person to give a retreat to our faculty for the end of our academic year).

What is the cost?

The cost varies according to the time of the presentation and the setting. Arrangements are normally made between the presenter and the group requesting the presenter.

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