Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a ministry  of conversation between two individuals, one of whom is trained and certified to assist the other in walking the journey of faith and discerning God’s presence and activity within their  life.   A spiritual director is  a person, who in a one-to-one relationship, listens, with love and openness  to the Holy Spirit, to the other (the directee).  The other shares an account of his or her journey to a fuller life in God.   Like prayer, contemplation and meditation, a spiritual director  nourishes the spiritual aspect of being human and allows one to share their  spirituality.    Like the walk of Emmaus we talk  about how our hearts  are “burning within us” until in the breaking open of our hearts, just like the breaking of the bread,  we come to recognize the Lord.

Why have Spiritual Direction?

Who of us, when taking an important journey, doesn’t begin by checking out mapquest or  guidebooks?  In addition, we also ask others who have taken this journey before to be sure that we don’t miss the things that we want to see because of losing our way or being unsure of which way to turn. The more important the journey the more vital it is to have someone experienced to accompany us along the way.   You wouldn’t think of going to the Grand Canyon without a complement of brochures and maps so that you know all the important areas you wanted to view.  So, too, when one walks our spiritual journey, a director can make all the difference.

Spiritual Direction is a precious moment when you take time to recognize the presence of the Holy in your everyday life and are helped to contemplate and savor those moments. These graced moments can transform you, body, soul, mind and spirit.

What do you do in Spiritual Direction?

The individual seeking spiritual direction meets periodically with a director to talk through the events of life and to discern God’s message and call.    Seeking God is a universal human question but we often compartmentalize our lives and don’t see the connections between our spiritual journey and the rest of our lives.  In Spiritual Direction you are asked to see all that impacts your life as part of the journey and you seek together the connections between your life and God’s action within and all around you.    With a desire to grow more deeply in a personal  relationship with God,  an individual opens their heart to another so that together they can create and open within themselves the dwelling place within where our God seeks to dwell.

Who are our Spiritual Directors?

If you are interested in setting up an appointment to receive Spiritual Direction you can contact any of the spiritual directors listed below.  Thoe who are on staff have a short bio in the FSC Staff* section:

  1. Kathleen Gannon, OSF……..(610-742-1041}…….Email:  kgannon@osfphila.org
  2. Belle Garrett, OSF……………..(215-725-4111) ……Email:  igarrett@osfphila.org
  3. Clare D’Auria, OSF*…………. (610-558-7725) …..Email:  cdauria@osfphila.org 
  4. Helen Budzik, OSF*…………. (610-558-7665) …..Email:  hbudzik@osfphila.org
  5. Julia Keegan, OSF*……………(610-558-6449) …..Email:  jkeegan@osfphila.org
  6. Mary Killoran, OSF…………….(302-426-1926)…..Email:  mkilloran@osfphila.org
  7. Mary Walsh, OSF* …………….(610-558-5310) …..Email:  mwalsh@osfphila.org
  8. Mercedes Rojo OSF……………(484-995-0075)…..Email:  mercerojo1943@gmail.com

*A short profile of each of them and their contact information can be found on our Staff Bio Page.  If these directors are unavailable we can also refer you to Spiritual Directors in the area who have worked with us.   There may also be Spiritual Directors in your faith communities that might be helpful to you.

What is the cost of Spiritual Direction?

The normal cost for Spiritual Direction is $40 per session.

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