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Online Gratitude Course: An Overview and a Welcome

Thank You for taking this online Gratitude Course. I am excited about sharing it and I hope you think the material covered is valuable.  Gratitude is a feel good topic; everyone wants to be more grateful and to learn more about gratitude.  But I have to warn you that it can also be hard work. […]

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Letting the Silence Nuture Me……

  Someone once said we have two ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk. This past weekend I was able to be alone for a good amount of time and it helped me to remember again how important silence is to me. It is in the quiet times […]

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Feeling one as I sit among the trees

  A gorgeous day to sit with the trees bathe ourselves in the beauty of fresh air, warm sun, crisp bright colors, and deep inner peace. Letting ourselves feel the oneness of all we are and all we hope to be All around me is beauty, the frightful tension of my “shoulds” and  “oughts” disappeared […]

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Rooted in the Gospel...We welcome all as sister and brother.