Women’s Awareness Salon Happenings

On November, 2, 2017, the Awareness Salon explored the theme of Simplicity, one of the Charisms of the Sisters of Saint Francis. Renee Eells, co-facilitator, opened the morning with a beautiful reading about gratitude and giving thanks. Individual introductions were made by each person drawing a Nature themed card.

The guest speaker for the Salon was Martha Shaples, , a teacher of the Open Floor Movement, a conscious dance modality that is about the infinite art of moving. Open Floor encourages you to move as you feel, as you are inspired and to explore all of that. She believes we thrive best by processing our world through movement and she uses music to help with that process.

Martha has always had movement/dance close to her heart even when she was trapped in an office (Executive Assistant to CFO of Lavino Shipping Company and PNC EVP of Trust Division) and then escaped to being a landscaper (Co-owner of Perennial Gardeners with 100 clients and which focused on design, maintenance and installation). She intends being a teacher of Open Floor to be her last career!

Our group was a bit shy at first but within just a few minutes, Martha had us all moving individually, then in pairs. She did a very interesting exercise in which we partnered up with someone and had to mirror their moves. Everyone agreed it was quite a fascinating exercise.

The circled close with each person saying aloud the name of someone who needed healing, and then something that they were grateful for in the last year.

Although the Salon does not normally meet in December, we are holding a special gathering on December 14, 2017. We will do a gift exchange and then attend the Taize service as a group. Read more about Taize here: http://fscaston.org/events/taize-prayer-advent-theme/

Our next Thursday Salon will be held on January 4, at 10:00AM. See you then!

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