Women’s Salon Experience

On February 2, about 40 women of the Awareness Salon gathered to hear a talk by Carol Dougherty. Carol is a registered nurse who now specializes in alternative health solutions such as medical Qigong and Lymphatic Drainage. Carol began her journey after several debilitating years with undiagnosed Lyme disease. After Carol’s talk, she had the group up on their feet as she taught them the simple technique of tapping, which creates movement in the body.
The theme of the February Salon was Our Lady of Answered Prayers and for the second half of the Salon the large group broke into small ones and each person had the opportunity to share their own story of an answered prayer.
The group closed with a song by Jan Phillips, A Circle of Women.
This group is open to all. Our next session is March 2, 2017  This month Lenore Perritt will be introducing us to the Enneagram . To register for this session click HERE.
The Watercolor published with this blog was created by Christine Persechetti after her experience of Carol’s session last month.
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