Letter From Our Director

Welcome to our Francis Spiritual Center Website.  Our hope is that you will enjoy it and find it to be a great resource as your days go on.  We can no longer use the Southeast Building which housed the Franciscan Spiritual Center so all of our programs are virtual as we move forward.  We are growing into it so you’ll need to be patient with us.  We still desire to be a part of you life.

 Many of our presenters have agreed to do their content virtually as we move forward so keep checking our site to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Sr. Marie Angela will continue to explore good presenters for us and Sr. Julia will continue to enhance our website and post programs as they become available.  Sr. Jean will remain in charge of Clare House and Sr. Jeanne Nisley the hermitages.  Sr. Clare D’Auria is exploring ways to bring her content to life in the future and, as you know, she is often off campus doing programs all over the country.  Sr. Mary Walsh will continue doing Spiritual Direction as will the other directors (Sr. Clare, Sr. Julia and Sr. Helen).  Sr. Mary remains our expert on Focusing and Centering Prayer and her programs will eventually transition well virtually.  Sr. Helen is our registrar and will continue to manage our finances throughout all of the changes that life presents to us.

The Scripture is Revelations 21:5 tells us:  “Behold I make all things NEW”.  Let us wait patiently for God’s time so that we can see this NEWNESS which the Spirit is moving us toward.  When one door closes we know that another always opens.  

In the mean time enjoy the online Spirituality Tab on our website.  There are many short inspirational videos , several links for reflections on the Daily Scripture, some retreat starters with reflections by Henri Nouwen, Ronald Rolheiser, James Martin, Greg Boyle, Terry Hershey, Rick Warren, Fr. Tony Richard and several indepent Online Retreats, and much more.

We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions.  You can always email us at fsc@osfphila.org or under Staff you can find each of our email addresses.  May God bless you as you move deeper into a lasting relationship with our God.   We remain grateful to each of you for your support of the Franciscan Spiritual Center.  Thanks for all that you are!

Rooted in the Gospel...We welcome all as sister and brother.