T’ai Chi Chih Weekend Retreat 2019: Deepening Your T’ai Chi Chih Practice


We will focus on the 5 principles of movement, as they apply in each movement.  Respectful silence will be encouraged.

January 25-27, 2019 Starts at 7 PM on Friday and ends at 11 AM on Sunday.  This retreat is FULL.  There is only  space for commuters.  To add the additional day on Monday please call our Registrar, Sr. Pat Hamill, at 610-558-6152).

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This RETREAT is FULL.  There is only space for commuters.

This weekend will be a ‘Reflective Spiritual Workshop” focused on the T’ai Chi Chih form, with special emphasis on deepening our understanding of “How to Move.” We will focus on the 5 principles of movement, as they apply in each movement.  The T’ai Chi Chih form when practiced on a regular basis, promote health, serenity and are a good preparation for Centering Prayer.  New students and experienced students are welcome. Respectful silence will be encouraged throughout the weekend. Wear comfortable clothing and socks or soft-soled shoes/sneakers.
There will be an option of a fourth day (January 28, 2019) for a total cost of $240.00

Antonia Cooper OSF, a Franciscan Servant of the Holy Child of Jesus, is an artist, an iconographer, spiritual director, and accredited instructor of T’ai Chi Chih. She currently serves as Councilor to the International General Leadership team of her community. Since 2003 Antonia has traveled nationally and internationally presenting workshops, retreats and conferences in an effort to introduce a holistic approach to life and health, reuniting body, mind and spirit.