From October 21 to October 27 Brother Michael Laratanda FMS offered a retreat on the Spirituality of Film:  Creation of God’s Redemptive Love.  To say it was well received was an understatement.  The retreat focused on the call to be God’s partner in creating and giving witness to a redemptive love in the world.  He used five amazing films to illustrate the transformation of individuals in the midst of pain and crises.  The focus on the intensity of God’s love prevailed in all.  This week Sr. Clare D’Auria OSF repeats her Senior Retreat (Tues to Thursday) entitled “The Grass IS Greener””  Shepherding Our Senior Years”.  She focuses on Psalm 23 as  a Song for Seniors at each session she takes a phrase from the Psalm and relates it to our need for rest and restoration, for comfort and courage, for hospitality and healing and concludes by showing it as a song in praise of God’s goodness and mercy.  Judging from the first run of it in September all will be amazed and touched by the goodness of God and the gentle and compassionate portrayal that Clare gives.  It is always a good week at the Spiritual Center and for this I am grateful..