Dogs in the snow and the ice

I found this one on Big Geek Daddy and it made me laugh.  It reminds you that snow is fun but ice can create a big of havoc if we’re not careful.

An oldie but goodie just to make you laugh



More Mary Maxwell on the Secret to a Happy Marriage

This is a funny short clip that will give you a bit of a laugh.


The Doctor who treated the late Mother Teresa describes his experience:

This is Doc George Lombardi who treated the late Mother Teresa in the  80’s at Calcutta. He tells the story laced with humour, in his inimitable style, but you can see the hand of God all over this story.  It is funny and heart warming.

Singing the Retirement Blues:

Everyone dreams of retirement,” says two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and animator Walt Handelsman. “But there’s this tension between what we want and what we know is reality.”

Funny and Inspirational Aging Quotes:

You might enjoy these as much as I did:


Memory: a spoof by Pam Peterson

I think you’ll find this delightful  if your memory is sometimes “not what it used to be”.

A Paperless Future

Don’t miss this funny video about the obsession about going paperless and the reality of our needs for paper..

A Funny Prayer

In this video clip Mary Maxwell is asked to give the invocation at a luncheon and after a short prayer she goes into a monologue on aging, with her dry sense of humor,  she is sure to tickle your funny bone.


A Senior Flash Mob

Just  to get us started he’s a flash mob of seniors doing a celtic dance in a Canadian Tire  which is a store in Collingwood, Ontario selling a lot of what Home Depot sells in our neck of the woods.  Are  there any seniors who view our web page who have this kind of energy?  I’ll wait to see.  In the mean time enjoy the moment and imagine if you were in this store.  The film lasts about five minutes but it is delightful especially if you’re Irish.  I pray my health and energy will allow my as much “gumption”  as I age.

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