This weekend we have Melannie Svoboda for a program entitled “Celebrating Four Gifts of Autumn.  The weather is cooperating and the trees are just about ready to transform into the magic of autumn.  Melanie presents the four gifts autumn wishes to give us:  Beauty, Harvest, Letting Go and Hope.  Using scripture, nature, music, videos, stories and human, she will lead us in exploring ways this beautiful season can enrich our love for God and others.  On Monday Brother Michael Laratonda will begin a Guided Retreat entitled Spirituality on Film (Part 3):  Creation of God’s Redemptive Love”  The good news is there’s no need to have been to Part 1 or Part 2 to attend this one.  His presentations will include: Co-creative human/divine powers of redemptive love, The ‘multi-colored Loves of God’, Love’s power in the healing of wound, The ‘fleshy love” of “God’s Body”, and finally Hope in the redeeming justice of love.    A series entitled Conversations in Faith also begins this week (Oct 23) and goes for 5 weeks. In this series Pat Smith OSF will stimulate discussion on topics those who come want to talk so come with ideas, questions and your curiosity about matters of faith.  And the month ends with a Senior Retreat retreated because of demand.  The retreat isentitled “The Grass IS Greener”:  Shepherding Our  Senior Years.  In it Clare D’Aurai OSF spends time exploring “The Good Shepherd Psalm” (23)  In her description she says, “for those of us who are trying to continue to sing God’s praises as we journey through our “senior years”, this psalm;s sweet music and comforting images can serve as a harmonious counterpoint to the “flats” and “sharps” that inevitably accompany the aging process.  If you can’t attend any of these days you might want to consider exploring one of our E-courses.