A Guided Retreat focuses on a particular topic, field of scripture or life and faith issues.   There is  often one or two conferences or talks.  Like a Directed Retreat, there is some opportunity for individual spiritual companioning, but not necessarily on a daily basis. A Guided Retreat can last for a couple of days, like a weekend retreat, or for much longer time depending on what is planned for the group. It is meant to provide a quieter atmosphere for prayer and contemplation. It is a retreat that a group makes together with the leader(s) providing input based on a theme. The conferences or talks provide direction and opportunity for further reflection, but most of each day is unscheduled. Retreats provide a time to slow down our bodies, minds and spirits enabling us to listen more deeply to the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives and therefore, silence during particular parts of the day or even at meals is often a part of a Guided Retreat.

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