Thank You for taking this online Gratitude Course.  I am excited about sharing it and I hope you think the material covered is valuable. Gratitude is a feel good topic; everyone wants to be more grateful and to learn more about gratitude. But I have to warn you that it can also be hard work. It is something that you have to practice every day. Some days you’ll really want to practice and other days you won’t care and yet, if you intend to develop an attitude of gratitude, you’ll still have to do it. It takes a strong commitment and some even suggest that it necessitates a life-long commitment, like a VOW. What we know for sure is that gratitude has the power to heal, to energize and to change lives. Gratitude, in and of itself, changes everything.

My initial goal is to give you a quick overview of the course so you know what to expect and are ready to begin.

Here is the plan:

You can take the course at your own pace. I initially sent the information out weekly so I maintained that same structure for the online course but you can change it to Month 1, Month 2, etc if you’d like. The course is open to any one but I do encourage you to take the course in the sequence outlined. You can take as long as you want for each week’s lesson but still take them in order for it to make the most sense.

Week 1: (Lesson 1) – Gratitude as the memory of the heart — How to develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Week 2: (Lesson 2) — Gratitude as a form of prayer — How to pray always

Week 3: (Lesson 3) — Gratitude turns what we have into enough — How to stop yearning for the greener grass on the other side that really isn’t any better than on this side of the road

Week 4: (Lesson 4) — Some Research on Gratitude and why we should care — How to get you to yearn for GRATITUDE with all your heart.

In order to wet your appetite I’ll close with this song of gratitude to the God who gives us all things and the God who with extravagant love cares for us each and every day of our lives. After the video I’ll include just a few logistic details about the course so you’re comfortable with the process.

Thank you for this day - Karen Drucker

Some Logistics:
During the week (or month if you choose) you will have suggested actions and reflections. You can comment about these on the blog or on any content within the blog, i.e. what was most helpful? what touched you the most? what new information can you add? etc. As you scroll down the page to the very bottom you will see an open area for your comments; it will say LEAVE A REPLY. Once you complete your comment you can click SUBMIT. It won’t appear right away. In order to keep the site clear and secure I have set it up so that I release comments after I review them. I hope you can bear with my scrupulosity around site security.

I will be using other resources throughout the course, e.g. YouTube Clips, links to poetry, links to documents on the website. If you have difficulty with any of them just let me know. To get a full screen view of the YouTube Clip click on the square box at the bottom right of the YouTube clip, to get back to normal view just hit that same square box or tap on the Escape key (the ESC key at the top left of your keyboard).