Creator God,

We look to you during this time of illness, uncertainty, & physical distancing from others.  Be with us as we place our anxieties and fears in your hands.
Free us from the illusion of invincibility, so that we might remember our actions affect others, especially the most vulnerable.
Free us from the fear of scarcity, which leads to competition and hoarding.
Free us from painful anxiety, so that it can be transformed into caring actions for ourselves and others.

Jesus, our brother,

As your ministry of healing brought physical wellness and connection and restored
community, help us remember that we are not alone.
As you mourned the death of your friend Lazarus, be with those who grieve the loss of loved ones. May they feel your presence and peace.
As you experienced death, be with those who have died from the coronavirus.
May they be in your eternal embrace.
As you challenged your disciples to act for the common good, be with national and local leaders who have the power to ensure that the “least of these” have their basic needs   met. Inspire them to have a global vision of solidarity, a onsciousness and priority to provide healthcare to all.

Spirit of God, breath of life,

Thank you for the countless nurses, custodial staff, doctors, receptionists, therapists, healthcare providers, and all others who are working to care for those who are sick and suffering. As they live their vocations, may they be sustained by your Spirit.

Open our eyes to see the devastating implications of economic and racial injustice during this crisis. Be with vulnerable populations who are unable to have “social distance” from others, thereby increasing their likelihood of contagion.[1]

Inspire our actions for equitable access to testing, treatment, and financial support for all affected by the coronavirus.

We pray together as Pax Christi USA that, during this Lenten season and current pandemic, we can turn away from fear and be faithful to our sacred and civic responsibility for others. AMEN.

This prayer was written by Michelle Sherman, Pax Christi USA National Council member.


[1] Those in detention centers or prisons, workers who are unable to work from home, people experiencing homelessness, etc. …