Welcome back to the Franciscan Spiritual Center. Our hearts are eager to reconnect with you and to share our lives with you again. It has been a long time. Our last live program was March 2019 and our last virtual program was April 2021. This is an inaugural newsletter as we reopen the 2022-2023 year. Since there are no overnight accomocations our selections are lilmited to day, morning or evening programs but we are confident that the sharing of our lives and the desire to deepen our spirituality will be as full and spirited as ever.

Our goal is to keep the format of this newsletter as simple and clear as possible. If you click the link (in blue) for each program you will get a full description of the program, presenter and event details. It takes you to that program on our website where you can register (book a ticket) if you desire. If you prefer, you can print a registration form and mail it in along with your check. All checks should be payable to the Sisters of St. Francis. In an abundance of caution, as you would expect, proof of COVID vaccination and boosting will be necessary for all programs.  

Since we no longer have the full brochure mailed to thousands, it would be helpful if you can share this newsletter or the preview sheet with as many people as you can so that word gets around that we’re starting programs again. Also please check the website frequently because as time moves along we may be adding programs.

As we begin this new venture, it is appropriate that we send out this newsletter on the Franciscan feast of The Portiuncula on August 2. Porticuncula (Little Portion) is a feast celebrating the little chapel currently enclosed in the Basilica of St. Mariy of the Angels in Assisi. This little chapel was where St. Francis heard Christ speak to him from the cross saying “rebuild my church”. Francis took it literally and began rebuildng the structure. As his reflection deepened he realized “church” might mean the “people of God” and so he set out to rebuild the people of God by preaching the gospel to all. It is appropriate that, as we rebuild our “Franciscan Spiritual Center”, we patiently await a clear understanding of what that might mean for us as we move forward. A visioning group has been formed to dream about the future of our Franciscan Spiritual Center. May God give us the clarity that St. Francis sought and found in his ministry. We live with hope in God’s promise: BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW!

View the Preview Sheet for all 2022-2023 Programs Here

If you click on this link it will take you to the full e-newsletter for August which includes all the September and October Programs: