The first three days of this week were filled with bright sunshine and flowers and a softness in the air.  It is as though all of nature is excited to be around and blooming.  It is a time when, seeing all the flowers, you recognize and begin to appreciate all that rain. I keep telling myself there is even more beauty under the ground that’s yet to reveal itself. It will be a surprise each day if I can keep focused on the beauty and not let myself be imprisoned by work. Keeping my eyes open and going to look for the surprises that reveal themselves each day is an essential practice I want to live into this spring. I am ashamed to say I have often gone weeks without going outside and this year I have a spring resolution that will change all of that. I believe that somewhere something incredible is waiting to happen and I don’t want to miss it. It may be among the flowers or in the skies or in a person I’m about to meet but I don’t want to be too busy to notice it. Today I choose to be awake and alive and aware of all God’s beauty and all God’s surprises. Today I am asking beauty to awaken me.