"the Long and Winding Road": A Lenten Day of Reflection

This online course was initially a day long Lenten Retreat given by Clare D’Auria OSF for the Cultural Arts Forum of Neumann University.    There are two Video Sessions.  The first Video Session has two sections and thus two handouts for Prayer and Reflection (Part I and Part 2).  The second Video Session has only one handout for Prayer and Reflection.   It would probably be best to print the handouts prior to the Session so that you have them when Sr. Clare refers to them.    The First Video is about an hour and 10 minutes and has two parts and thus two Prayer Reflections.  The Second Video is about 50 minutes and has only one handout.  The handouts for each are below the video itself.  The beginning of the second session has a few minutes of processing from the morning session’s reflection but after that it moves directly into the second session.

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