On April 19, 2018 we had our annual volunteer dinner.  We  had an amazing evening.  You’ll know why when you look at our volunteers.  Terri Guillements. a quotation anthologist,  says “the world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.”  Let me tell you, we are hugged every single day by ours.  Their gift of time is priceless.  

People think the Franciscan Spiritual Center is an amazing place but there is no question that our volunteers are the ones who make it that way.  Volunteers, of course don’t get paid but what they do is beyond anything you can imagine.  They can be the hostess welcoming you when you walk in the door.  They take you to your room.  They print, fold and resupply the cards that Sr. Christa has for sale outside of her office.  They can make Irish bread and scones for our St. Patrick’s Day events.  They can write thank you notes to all who donate gifts to us.  One helps me with the monthly e-newsletter that reminds you of all the events coming up.  Many of them are on our Board of Directors.  One helps Sr. Marie Angela and I to survive the day by keeping us organized, doing whatever we ask of her, and following up on our prayer requests not to mention keeping up our spirits.  Some help at Clare House and others at the hermitages.  One keeps track of all the bedroom keys and keeps relocating them to the appropriate place.  And, every now and again when we have one group leaving and another coming too quickly they even help us speedily get the rooms cleaned up and ready for the next group.   We are blessed more than you can ever imagine.  You would never have the beautiful experience you have at the Franciscan Spiritual Center if it weren’t for these volunteers.  To our volunteers we say THANK YOU for all that you do.  You are love in motion!  You matter to us and we couldn’t do it without you!