• For all who are eager to register online for 2018-2019 programs, the New Website should be up and running by Monday morning April 30, 2018.  If it is earlier I will send an email blast to all for whom we have an email address.  You may not register for any program until midnight May 1, 2018.   The address will be the same as the old website (www.fscaston.org).  Our old site began to fall apart about a month ago and along with the programmers we started to design a new site and made every effort to get it online by May 1.  The old site was too unstable to put the 2018-2019 events there.  I think you will like the new site but it will take a little time to get used to it.  

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  • Click here to submit a special prayer request to us and our staff will remember you in prayer and we will also share the prayer request with our motherhouse community and our Retired Sisters at Assisi House, Aston, PA and St. Ann Home, Tacoma, WA

  • Take a look at some inspirational items that might calm your spirit and move you to gratitude. It might be a way to get connected with your inner self, your God and with others. Perhaps some of the ideas might lead you to pray, to reflect, and to grow spiritually.

FSC Tour 2017

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our grounds and see the beauty of our surroundings. It’s even more beautiful in real time. Come visit us and, if you’ve been here before, come back. Our desire is to be here whenever you need us. This update was done by Brianna Noce during her internship at Neumann University.

Rooted in the Gospel...We welcome all as sister and brother.