This website was upgraded in April 2019.  Our hope is that you find it user friendly and pleasing to your mind and heart.  The content is comparable to the old content but in a different format.  Since this is a new website, if you haven’t used it since it was upgraded, all previous passswords are invalid.  You will be need to create a new account at the time of purchase (registration for a  program).  During checkout, there is an option at the top of the page to create the new account and save your information for future purchases.  You will also create your new password at this time.  The next time you come back to the shopping cart, there will be an option — at the top of the Checkout page again to Log in using the id and password you created on this site.  If you use the same computer or device, it will eventually come to know you.

Take time to walk around and learn where everything is.  Like other websites you can put programs in the shopping cart and come back to sign out at another time.  Each event will have a “Get Ticket” buttton.  If you are registering for two people you can change the number to two and it will calculate the amount for that event.  If there are options for an event, e.g. if you have to choose between resident or commuter you must choose one of the options before you can get the ticket.  I think you’ll find it self-evident as you go through the reegistration process.    

For more information about registering click HERE or go to the events/retreat tab and chose the subdirectory option that says Registration Directions